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Current Officers

Officers last elected at AAPT SM2022 Grand Rapids.  Note, due to COVID-19, these terms were activities were suspended and positions frozen, as neither AAPT SM2020 nor 2021 were held in person and PIRA did not operate during the pandemic.

Presidential Cycle:

  • Past President:  (acting) Paul Nord, Valparaiso University
  • President:  Adam Beehler, University of Utah
  • President-Elect:  Paul Noel, Yale University
  • Vice President:  Daniel Davis, Harvard University

Extended Board:

Elected positions:
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:  David Sturm, University of Maine
Appointed positions:
  • Webmaster:  Skip Woody, University of Colorado for Emeritus Webmaster, Michael Thomason, retired, University of Colorado.
  • PIRA Representative to AAPT:  Sam Sampere, Syracuse University (Sam is now on the AAPT Board of Directors)
  • Parliamentarian (Constitution Committee Chair):  Tony Papirio, retired, University of Massachusetts, and acting, David Haley, Previous Past President.
  • TAP-L Chair:  Keith Warren, North Carolina State University
  • DCS Committee Chair:  Dale Stille, University of Iowa
  • PIRA Workshop Committee Chairs: Dale Stille and Sam Sampere

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